Feb 18,2012: Show

Guys and Dolls is Frank Loesser’s classic musical about gamblers, crusaders relationships.  Based on a Daymon Runyon short story, the play revolves around Nathan Detroit’s desperate effort to find a location for a floating **** game.  In an effort to get the thousand bucks he needs to get a location, he bets high-roller Sky Masterson that Sky can’t get Miss Sarah Brown (a prim Salvation Army-type reformer) to go with him to Havana.  At the same time, Adelaide (Nathan’s fiancé of 14 years) is increasingly frustrated with Nathan’s failure to deliver on his promises of marriage and thus suffers from psychosomatic illnesses.  The rest of the show involves a variety of escapades including a brawl in Havana, showgirl numbers, gamblers nearly caught as they run out of the mission, a roll of the dice for the souls of the players, and a rousing midnight prayer meeting.  The complications work themselves out in a not-so-perfect but still happy ending.

Adults – $17 each
Kids under 12 Seniors – $15 each
Groups of 10 or more – $15 each

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