Nov 05,2011: Show

date:Saturday, November 5, 2011
time:8:00 PM
venue:Hermosa Beach Playhouse
address:710 Pier Avenue
 Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
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from:The Hermosa Beach Playhouse

They talk about how happy they will be as a married couple — much more than he was with his previous wife, Amanda. Their conversation leads them back inside while in the honeymoon suite next door, Victor, a man a few years older than Elyot, walks out onto his terrace. He calls for his wife, Amanda, to join him outside. It quickly becomes clear that this is the same Amanda who was previously married to Elyot, and that the former couple are in neighboring suites for their honeymoons with second spouses.

A short time later, Amanda and Elyot are surprised to encounter each other while on their respective terraces. Their strained conversation is cut short, and they both return to their spouses to try and convince them to leave the hotel immediately. Both conversations end in bitter arguments, and eventually Elyot and Amanda are back outside talking and drinking cocktails on Elyot’s terrace.

After realizing they are still in love with each other and should never have divorced, they abandon their new spouses to run off together. They escape to Amanda’s apartment in Paris. After they have left, Victor and Sibyl end up meeting on their respective balconies and begin chatting.

At Amanda’s apartment the next day Elyot and Amanda are finishing their evening meal. They talk about their hasty escape from their respective honeymoons and why their relationship failed the first time. The couple is soon caught up in the same violent arguments that originally plagued their turbulent marriage. They seem to be drawn to each other simply for the thrill of the fight.

cost:$35 – $45
category:Arts and Entertainment
website:Click to visit the site

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